Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Poem-Cracked Mirror

I look into the mirror, my reflection I do not see
The cracks create distortions of...a girl that isn’t me
I live inside a world that is littered with debris
While hanging in the balance...of hope and misery
Written by: Heidi (Galaxy Echo)


Easily Lost said...

veryyyyy nice poem

Galaxy Echo said...

At least you can't say I am lacking emotion and creativity! That is what my writing is all about :)

Bob G. said...

Nice poem.
Not to make you dread getting older, but when those cracks in the mirror become lines in your face, and you pretty much KNOW how they all got there...THAT will make you pause and think...about a LOT of things.

Keep have a unique ability to convey a myriad of human facets.


Diane said...

I remember leaving a comment, but it's disappeared into the ether... ah well, it was just a wisp.