Monday, December 21, 2009

Two Words: "I PASSED!"

Man what a fricken relief! I had my last final exam today, health alterations, one of the hardest classes in the nursing program and I got an 87% on the final and passed the class with an 83%. I am SOOO happy, because my GPA is still above a 3.0! Woot! All my hard work has paid off, because hopefully sometime this week or next week I will be receiving my Practical Nursing Diploma! Now I just have one year left of the RN program, with next semester being the most difficult of them all. But hell, I will soon have my practical nursing diploma and hopefully I will get my license, and that in itself is the biggest goal I've accomplished in my lifetime so I can truly say I am very proud of myself. And I know my parents and family and friends are proud as well, which makes it all the more better! What an excellent way to start the holiday vacation, and a great Christmas present to myself!
You know, for the past few years my family hasn't been very festive. Especially me, seeing as my best friend/cousin has been in the army for the past four hasn't been the same without him, and although he won't be home for Christmas this year, I can truly say I am content with the way this year will have ended. Anyways, for the past few years we have not put up a Christmas tree, but this year my mom surprised me yesterday when she bought me a 6.5 foot white fake tree (her and I are both allergic to pine so we have to have a fake tree!) no mess either, apart from all the little fake needles falling all over the place lmao. I put it up and decorated it yesterday and I have to admit, it turned out damn beautiful!

See, told you it was pretty! I tried taking a picture of it in the dark but that was freakishly like something out of a movie based on ghost recon or something... talk about major blurry infrared, only in a very haunting way! I still can't believe the semester is finally over, and I passed! To be honest, I really wasn't sure whether I would pass Advanced Anatomy and Physiology and Health Alterations! We have to get an 80% in everything, and in the science classes an 80% is a B but in the nursing core classes an 80% is a C. Really stupid if you ask me, they should have just kept an 80% a B like in a "NORMAL" grading scale! But whatever, I passed and that's all that matters to me! So I can go into winter break with a smile on my face and a dump truck load of stress lifted off my shoulders! :D Best way to go into a holiday is on a positive note! Best way to leave a semester as well. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy my time off!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nearing The End

Damn, I can't believe how long it has been since I had time to sit down and blog. How depressing! The semester has been winding down very rapidly. We had a blizzard on Wednesday, and then had clinicals Thursday. Now picture this...I do clinicals at a hospital on the orthopedic medical-surgical imagine working on an ortho floor during the season with the most car accidents and broken bones! It was insane yesterday, jam-packed full of patients. Had the walls been made of pine, patients would have been crawling out of the woodwork! Hahaha, lame, I know. Sort of like the sad chemistry quote. "The name's Bond...Ionic Bond...taken, not shared!" LOL For those of you who understand a little basic chemistry, you will understand that one. It's hard to believe how fast this semester went by. I was laying in bed last night, of course with the usual insomnia striking once again, I couldn't stop thinking about how it seems like we just started the health alterations class yesterday! And now we are taking our final exam in two weeks! EEKS! We have our final lecture exam in that class this coming Wednesday. Tomorrow in advanced anatomy and physiology (AAP) we have our last lab exam, then next Saturday we have our last lecture exam. Tomorrow my group presents our group project, which is our equivalent of a final exam for that class which is nice because it's hard to fail.

These past couple weeks have been so busy I don't know how I haven't died from stress overload. Hey, that should be a nursing diagnosis! Last week I had to write three papers, one for my AAP group project, one for my OR experience, and one called the Biopsychosocial needs assessment. That last one was 27 pages after all was said and done. Last week Thursday and Friday I did a two day rotation in the OR, so that was an incredible experience. I got to see an inguinal hernia repair with mesh, a craniotomy, and a total abdominal hysterectomy with staging. That last one was really intense. It's kind of funny because throughout this semester of clinicals, I don't remember many of my patient's names, but my last OR patient, I will remember her. She's one of the kindest ladies I have ever met, and I pray that she will fully recover and live a long, healthy and happy life. It's those few patients you have that make all the stress of nursing school worth while. I really wish I knew how things turned out for her.

There is one thing I will not miss after my med-surg clinicals are done...and that is walking half a mile to the hospital at 6AM in subzero temps. I was smart this morning though, I brought along hand warmers; however, scrubs are not very warm at all, so by the time I got to the hospital my legs were pale and numb! It took till the end of the shift for me to regain full sensations in them, and by then it was pointless because I had to walk all the way back to my car, so they were numb all over again! Thank God we have our last clinical next Thursday. I can't wait for winter break. It is long overdue! And after clinical next Thursday, I get fit tested for the N95 respirator mask, which is for protection against airborne viruses. Fun!

Well, not much left to say, getting tired after the busy day we had today so I guess it's nap time! Chao.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it."

"There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full."

This quote pretty much says it all! Thank God for little miracles though, because today class was canceled, and our med/surg/OR clinicals don't start until October 22nd, so we have Thursday and Friday off as well. Woo Hoo! I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am, because it is a much needed break. Our health promotions final exam is this coming Monday, so I've been studying all day for that. A few friends and I are having a study group tomorrow, and I am sure that will be helpful for each of us. I'm not big into the group study setting, but it's something I tend not to do very often, so I figure, what could be the harm in going? In between though, I have to also study for my Adv. AnP lecture exam which is this Saturday, and prepare for the start of my new theory class and clinical. So much to do, so little time! My cousin is home on leave, he just got back from Iraq in mid-September, so him and I are going to see the movie "Where The Wild Things Are" this Saturday evening. I'm looking forward to it; it looks like an adorable movie! I also want to see that movie Surrogates, and Gamer one of these days as well. I don't go to see movies very often. In fact, the last movie I seen in theatre was Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen! But that's because I am a huge nerd and I absolutely LOVE Transformers! I'm 22, but I am such a kid at heart. Not much else has been going on here. We got our first heavy snow of the season two days ago, and it snowed like hell. It didn't stay on the ground very long though, thank God... so far I should say! I enjoyed doing some photography over the past week. I really enjoy it, especially with my mom's new camera (even though I pretty much steal it all the time, hehe). Here they are, enjoy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today is officially our last day of OB clinicals. We just go in for our student-instructor evaluation, but I already know I got an "A." It really flew by fast, and I went into the clinical thinking this would be an area I wouldn't like, but I was wrong. In fact, I really grew to love it and I could definitely picture myself becoming an OB nurse! Yesterday was our last day on the unit and boy did we go out with a bang. 2 C-sections, 2 labor and deliveries and 4 inductions. We were booming. That was all in between the fire alarm, the staff shortage and a very interesting delivery. It was also a day to remember in the record book...I got sprayed with cord blood, marking the last bodily fluid I had to be contaminated with. I got to give lots of shots too, and that is always fun! We start our Med/Surg and OR clinicals October 22nd, so next week we have Thursday and Friday off, woo hoo. A much deserved and needed break. It's going to be a busy weekend. My cousin is coming home on leave today, he's flying in at 4:30pm from Alaska. He just got back from his tour of duty in Iraq mid-September. Saturday I have an Adv.AnP lab exam, Monday I have my last health promotions theory lecture exam, Wednesday is our promo final exam, and next Saturday is our second Adv. AnP lecture exam. That's not counting all the homework that's due in between! For Adv. AnP our lab exams are usually tested on the cadavers and models. Seeing as not many of us have time to attend open lab, they decided to FINALLY allow us to photograph the models, but of course not the cadavers due to privacy laws.

Here's a couple pictures of the models. The cost runs between $2-8,000 per model, depending on the detail and the manufacturer! And of course that comes from our tuition, so you can see why college costs a lot, lol. Speaking of outrageous, the weathermen are predicting the first snow flakes for Monday! Snow, ALREADY! Augh! Where's fall? It must have been in one hell of a hurry, because it came, stopped, and went all in one day! I suppose, I must be heading out now, lots to do, little time to do it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No rest for the weary...unless you have a fever or cough!

WOW has it ever been a busy day, week, AND month! I can't even remember the last time I blogged. We started our OB clinicals last week. It started out very busy. On Thursday, we took a tour of the facility, did our orientation packet (which involved a 57 question orientation test) and then met with the staff on the OB unit. On Friday, we met at 6:45am, got our patient information, then went to work. My day started immediately because my patient was due for a C-Section by 7am. It was an incredible experience, from scrubbing and gowning up, to holding the newborn in my arms after the doctor took him out of his mother's abdomen. Although it was kind of disgusting, it was also incredible. Seeing the father cry as I showed him his new baby boy, cleaned then assessed him was a flood of emotions. I have seen a baby delivered vaginally before, but never through C-section, and never as a student nurse. This time, I was involved, and it felt great to help bring a new life into this world. On Monday, we had our 2nd health promotion exam, another one down, and three more to go! I passed the first two, and I'm doing pretty good in the class. Hanging onto an A, so I'm happy! I'm doing good in clinicals too. The only class I have to study harder for is Adv. Anatomy and Physiology, which I have a C in so far, and we have to pass it with a B. It's a very hard class!

Today would have marked the 2nd week of our OB clinicals, but unfortunately, me, two other girls, and my clinical instructor are ill, so clinicals were canceled for today, and tomorrow is our college system's staff meeting, so no class either! I felt pretty crappy earlier, but this afternoon I felt a little better. My dad bought me a brand new saddle the other day, and I was so eager to try it out! Sooo, I worked with my mare today, tried the new saddle, and rode for a while. It's been quite a journey for me and my horse, ever since the incident last year. But we are both earning each others' trust again, and both becoming more confident. With my busy schedule I don't ride as often is I would like, or should, but this week I have managed to ride 4 days! Today, I got her into a canter. I HATE cantering too, mind you! I really like my new saddle. I didn't have to punch any holes in it because the stirrups are perfect length, the seat is comfy, and my mare makes it look very flashy! And it looks great on her as well. Here's some new pictures I took earlier of my new saddle. And the best matches my bridle! *grinz*.

I hope the weather is nice tomorrow, there's a lot I want to do, granted this cold or flu or whatever I have doesn't wear me down much more than it already has. I also have a lot of studying to do. We have an Adv. AnP quiz on Saturday, then Monday we have our 3rd health promotion exam! Saturday evening is the barn dance, and I am very excited about that. I haven't had much time or energy to do anything non-school related, so it's going to be a nice break from living, eating, and breathing nursing. I am happy the 2nd season of Fringe has started, the 2nd new episode airs tonight! I should probably get going and do some studying before I get too engrossed in the visual-auditory stimulation of the television! Take care everybody!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank God for small favors!

It's been a hell of a busy start to the semester, even though we're already like three weeks in! It's so hectic, I mean we just go with the flow because our schedules can change from one minute to the other. Some days I don't know whether I'm coming or going, but so far I haven't lost myself...yet! On Wednesday we had our first exam in health promotions, which is a theory lecture class. Mostly it's focused around OB and Peds care. It's not very difficult, it's just a lot of information to cram in our brains in such a short period of time. The way second semester works is our semester is broken down into halves, and thirds. The first nine weeks of our semester we have one theory class, and the second nine weeks of the semester we switch to the opposite theory. The clinicals run concurrent with a specific theory class. So we have Health Promotions with Clinical Care Across the Lifespan, then Health Alterations runs along with Med/Surg and OR. But then the Lifespan Clinical is broken in half... Community Clinicals and OB/Peds. The last third of the semester is the med/surg and OR clinicals. Yea it's not as complicated as it sounds! I'm in the promo/lifespan right now, and lucky enough to have the community clinicals first. So far I've been to a clinic, cardiac rehab, a neighborhood resource center (where my group provided foot care to the people in the community), and the GI lab. Yea, those last two I didn't find very attracting either. Normally I would have Adv. AnP on Saturdays but because of Labor day, we have today AND Monday off, WOO HOO! Thank God for that because yesterday after I got home from my clinical I was sick. I feel good now... probably because I slept for like 14 hours! Looks like it'll be a nice weekend too. I don't have very much homework to do because I worked ahead, so I just have two assignments to do, then I can be lazy for the rest of my weekend! YAY! And my cousin is coming over so her and I will probably make some mischief. I think my county's fair is coming to town this weekend too if it hasn't already. We'll most likely go to that as well. My dad took me to the other county fair last week, but it was small and very uneventful. Anywho, that's about all the new things that been going on here, and I'm getting tired again so I'm going to go relinquish my consciousness for a few more hours.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Interesting Orientation Topics

Today was the first day of our 2nd semester nursing clinicals. The first 8 weeks of the semester I will be doing rounds in OB at two of the four city hospitals here. Now, everyone knows how boring orientations are, especially seeing as we were orientating to all four of the area hospitals, which two are sister hospitals. And any who, most hospitals have the same rules and regulations. But what the whole lot of us found interesting was the lengthy discussion on how to deal with anxious/agitated, and ARMED visitors/patients. Apparently recently, (most likely due to the poor economy), there has been an increase in the amount of armed people entering the local hospitals, not to mention the increase in car break-in's, so there was a whole two hour discussion on those two topics (I think it was because the hospital admin have been watching a bit too much of the movie John Q, you know, the movie about the angry father who takes the ER by force to get a new heart for his boy)... So yea, after that discussion, I sure can't wait to start my rotations! I can't believe summer vacation is gone. *sigh* I started my first class last Saturday...that's right...Saturday...a weekend class! YUCK! It is advanced anatomy and physiology, yay! (not). I used to love anatomy and physiology, until the incident with the broken cadavers make a long story short, the cadavers are in a big steel tub filled with preservative liquids. They lay on this platform that is raised up and lowered down by levers at each end of the tub. A year ago, during one lab period, I was one of the lucky people to help lift the cadaver out of the tub, only thing was they hadn't fixed the lever system yet! And I pushed down as hard as I could to raise my end of the platform, but something snapped and SPLASH! Yup, it was nasty. And yup, I did puke. Actually that's not the reason I stopped liking anatomy and physiology. It was the teacher I had during that semester who turned an interesting, enjoyable topic into a meticulous, uninteresting and overwhelming subject. Anyways, we finish our clinical orientation tomorrow. Seeing as we're into hospital clinicals now, our schedules aren't ever set in stone and they already told us most of the time we will find out the night before or the morning of our clinical shifts our patient assignments. Good thing I don't have a life. I didn't want one anyways, ya know?

I really am looking forward to clinicals semester though. From what I've heard, this is probably the most fun and interesting semester out of the four nursing semesters. Last semester our clinicals were at a nursing home which is stuff I've been doing as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) for years. I also worked at a hospital on the med/surg, ICU, and OB unit for a year, so I have my feet wet which helps, seeing as this semester is OB and med/surg and OR. I'm really really looking forward to working in the OR. That's gonna be a sweet rotation! I have also heard the instructors get a little more supportive as you continue on through the program. First semester is the 2nd hardest semester of nursing, and third semester is the hardest. They treat you like crap first semester to weed out the weak people, i.e. the ones the instructors think won't make it. The only reason third semester is the hardest is because of advanced nursing skills. I'm a little nervous about that, but after this semester is over with, I'm taking the LPN boards. After that when I get my LPN, I'm debating whether to finish my RN degree in the full-time track, or drop down to part-time. It's a really tough decision, but I'll deal with it when I get there.

I think the hardest thing this semester, besides advanced anatomy and physiology (A AnP) is gonna be the early mornings! I am so NOT a morning person, early bird, whatever. I am definitely a night owl, for as long as I can remember. And all my classes this semester are, you guessed it, MORNING CLASSES! EEKS! I'll slowly get used to it... probably by the time the semester ends! We have a quiz this Saturday, for A AnP, on cells and heredity. I hate that topic. Cells bore me and heredity isn't something I'm very interested in. I've always been interested in bones and muscles though, those are my favorite categories in anatomy and physiology. Someday maybe I'll become a cardiac intensive care unit nurse. That would be my dream job! That, or working in the ER. I can tell you this, if there would have been a high demand for EMT's or Paramedics, that's the field I would have went into. When I was 13, the local rescue squad had a Junior EMS program that offered basic first aid and life support training. I was part of it until the program closed, which was when I was about 16. It was after that program that I knew for sure I wanted to become a nurse. That's probably one of the only things in my life I have ever been 100% sure of, is being a nurse, well, working in the health care field I should say. I guess some people (like me) are lucky enough to know 100% sure what they are meant to do in life. I know this is what I'm meant to do, and it's what I want to do more than anything I've ever wanted to do.

I remember when I was in 8th grade we had to take this test and it determined which jobs we would be most successful at. I remember mine was nothing even anywhere near nursing. I was really upset about it, but then I realized it was just a stupid test. Counselors in middle and high school aren't very supportive of people. At least people in my situation, you know, average. I come from a middle-class family, and I didn't get the best of grades in school. I was on the honor roll in high school for only one semester! My GPA in high school averaged 2.6, and I didn't think at the time how important that would actually be, until I got into college. But you know what, I busted my butt studying in college, because people treated me as if I had potential, unlike grade, middle, and high school. It seems like that's a big flaw in our whats it called, primary and secondary school systems? They weed out the smart people and treat them different than the ones who struggle. I remember this psych study we reviewed in one of my psych classes. They took a class of students and treated the "average" students like they were prodigies, and the students grades improved! Because they were treated like they were smart. I do believe everyone has a lot of potential but we need to be nurtured in a way to encourage its expression. I know it's true because I went from being a high school student with a 2.6 GPA to a college student with a 3.5 GPA! Well, I could ramble on and on and on, which I really would like to do, but I must get going, I have to go study and do some cleaning. Until next time!

Friday, July 24, 2009

County Fair

Well, here we are again. The weekend is here at last. Tonight was awesome! Me, my dad, and his friend Bob went to the county fair that's in town this week. It beats going to Polka Days and listening to horrible music and walking between staggering drunks. I love the fair, despite the excessive pricing of things. The animals and flashing lights are satisfying enough. It was really great, we all had a wonderful time. And something sort of funny happened. You know how carnie's try to get you to play their games? Well, this one man was standing at his tent and it was the game where you throw baseballs and try to break glass bottles by knocking them off shelves. Well... the man was throwing balls and missing the bottles... then we walked past and he said "how about you try your luck?" and without thinking, I blurted out "you can't even hit them bottles, but you expect us to?" and my dad and Bob burst out laughing. I wasn't even trying to be comical, it just popped in my head and out of my mouth! So that was an interesting little event. Then we got home about twenty minutes ago, and we weren't home more than five minutes when it began storming and pouring! You know those silly weathermen, they can't predict rain even if it's pissing down on them. They had t-storms in the forecast the past FOUR DAYS and we didn't get ANY! Until now that is... they didn't even say it was supposed to storm tonight, they said it was supposed to about six hours ago. But what can I say, weathermen are humans too (I think)! I'm glad it's finally raining real rain, you know, more than a hock of spit. The corn is so stressed right now, reaching its little leaves as far in the air as it can.

8 days until my birthday, woo hoo! I don't even know why I still look forward to my birthday, because I'm turning 22. I guess after 21 it's not really exciting anymore. I can smoke, drink, have sex, get married, sign contracts, that's about all most people care about. But I suppose it's still great to celebrate the day the world was blessed with my presence! This summer flew by so fast, I'm really disappointed. There was a lot I wanted to do, but just couldn't. And this is my last summer off until retirement. *sigh* Plus college will be starting soon, and I'm really not looking forward to THAT. I am however, looking forward to graduation. Only 1.5 more years to go! WOO HOO! After I finish this coming semester I can take the LPN boards, and once I'm an LPN I can really be proud, because that in itself is quite an accomplishment. And a year after that, I will go from student nurse to registered nurse. YIPPIE!!! Well, as Porky Pig would say, th-th-th-tha-thaa-that's all folks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wisconsin on CNN

(CNN) -- The off-duty firefighters who rushed into a burning SUV and cut a 4-year-old boy out of the seatbelt saved his life, the boy's doctor said during a press conference Tuesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Read Article Here

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

Well it's still busy 'round here, the horses alone are enough to keep me occupied! We built the new round pen yesterday, it looks awesome. Then a friend of the family who I swear is the horse whisperer, worked with Surri, Sassy, and Dollar. His 2 youngest kids rode Sassy (she's the pony). It was a pretty warm day yesterday, so that didn't make digging post holes any fun, not that it is fun to begin with! We decided to move around the horses again, trying to find a balance so they wouldn't all kill each other. I had to laugh, because a friend of mine assumed that all domesticated animals get along with each other... Talk about a real air head. She's a big animal lover, but very ignorant. I love animals too, a lot, but at least I never forget what they are-animals! Nature has it so animals who survive in social groups establish a pecking order-dominance and submission. I get so annoyed when people who don't know much about animals (especially horses) think it's terrible when they hear that the horses got into a skirmish. Then they ask why you didn't step in to break up the fight!!!! Yea, would you run in front of a 1000 pound vehicle with a mind of its own? Uh, no, not likely! Bah, anyways, the three mares are together now, and the gelding is in a pen on his own for a short while until they all calm down and can be united into one pasture. Anywho, here are a couple pictures from yesterday.

The Mares (from left to right) Blue, Surri, Sassy

The Gelding, named Dollar

Today was pretty boring, it sprinkled out earlier around dinner time for a few minutes, but it just got done raining pretty good now, thank God because we needed it desperately. The fields are dry and everything's turning to dust! I didn't do too much today either, some cleaning, ran to the storage shed to get more of my junk, then my dad grilled out and had a few of his buddies over. It was nice, grilling out, sitting at the picnic table with a great view of the horses. A picture perfect moment.

The puppy is getting antsy, up down, up down, good thing I can't sleep as it is! There's so much to do and only a month left of summer vacation before college starts back up. Then it's back to the Nursing Nazi's Boot Camp for Health Science Students, as we call it. Nursing is a great profession, all you have to do is survive college. After I finish this coming semester, I can take the LPN boards. Woo Hoo! Then after that, just one year left and I'll have my RN. I can't tell you how I anticipate that day when I go from Student Nurse, to Registered Nurse! Hopefully there won't be too many more obstacles getting in my way from here on out. My best friend just graduated in May with a bachelors in economics, but seeing as her parents have sheltered her all her life, she never bothered to get a job, until now that is. And, instead of getting a job in the field she just spent 4 years studying, she decided to get a crap job, making 8 bucks an hour putting bottles in boxes. But hey, whatever works for her, I'm sure with parents like hers, she won't have to work very hard until the day they die. I wonder if people were just not meant to be understood...Well, it's nearly 5am and I got a lot to do today, so I best lay down and get a few hours shut-eye.
~Good bye and Godspeed

P.S. This morning's sunrise:

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Have you ever wondered if you were where you are supposed to be in life? Is there an actual direction we are supposed to take, and a destination we are supposed to reach? How will we know when we have arrived? Seems like a pretty deep night tonight. I don't feel like myself. Usually I am a person full of hope and faith, but not tonight. It seems bitter, full of despair and disappointment, with an absence of self-confidence. I just got done talking to my best friend, and this may sound crazy, but her and I have been best friends for a LONG time, and it seems like the past few years, her and I have been alternating. What I mean by that is, when something bad happens to her, I can bet that something bad is about to happen to me, like fate has it that we are taking turns. But it seems like we are both in sync with these concurrent negative events, like some evil force is working against us to see how much we can take until we crack. We haven't yet, but sometimes I do wonder if it is all really just a matter of time. But then something good happens that brings back a bit of hope, but all hope does is delay the inevitable disappointment. Right now I wonder which is better, to have your hopes constantly crushed, or to live in a world full of pointlessness and despair. Is despair when we cease to hope any longer? Is there really more to life, or is life truly just about existing? Something that we must complicate to appreciate its simplicity?


Despair is like a monster inside you. It eats you from the inside out. It chews your guts, gnaws at your soul, and bores holes in your heart. It makes you feel hollow. Empty. Alone. Fearful.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

You don't have to know a soldier to be thankful for what they have done, and what they are still doing

You just have to take a look around this great country of ours...

God Bless America, our soldiers...every American. We are blessed to live in such a great country.

I am proud to say the following friends and family who are serving in the middle-east do so with courage and honor. May God look over them, especially during their time of service, and bring them home safely.

Happy Independence Day America!

God Bless America, and the right to life, liberty, and equality, the freedoms every person should be entitled to; a belief in which this country was founded on.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Animals: Part 1

The First of July-ALREADY?!?!?!

July 1st already, wow, where did the summer go? The weather has been so messed up lately. It's kind of sad, I didn't get to do very much exciting things this summer, although last week was pretty exciting...specifically Wednesday. Was getting ready to leave to see the new Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen... and I wanted to cut a few saddle ties real quick, so I grabbed the scissors... silly finger decided to get in the way! Ended up getting 4 stitches, but thank God I made it to the movie on time! So that was awesome seeing that movie. I am a huge geek when it comes to Transformers... and Star Trek...and and...the list could go on! The last couple days it has been raining out so I haven't done much. Took some great pictures and videos of the animals though. And the sunsets lately have been absolutely gorgeous.

This here is a picture of our other dog, Stanley (who I call Tanner).

And here is my horse Surri.

Here is a picture of the sunset the other day...and a picture of a barn at a friend's farm. Photography is a great past-time, especially if you have an "eye" for it.

I was going through my college costs today...kind of lucked out, this semester (tuition AND books) is only going to cost roughly $2,200. WOO HOO! All I have to do is prepare myself mentally for another semester of Nursing Nazi's Hell for health science students... Yikes. I love nursing, but I sure could do without the instructors' narcissism. It's pretty scary to think some of them teachers are actually nurses...I mean, it's terrifying! Just goes to show you, attitude apparently doesn't account for much in an employee! So it's a bit nerve-wracking, especially when I found out who my instructors were. The two instructors I hate the most, I have for all my nursing core classes...I keep wondering how I drew the short straw? Well, almost 5am, time to head out and be unproductive for the rest of the morning!

Monday, June 22, 2009

1:00 AM on the dot!

Wow, what an incredibly busy day yesterday was! Helped my dad at his friend's farm feeding calves. Had to be up at 6am, luckily I didn't bother going to sleep so I didn't have to get up! By 7am it was already cooking out, and the humidity was for the bugs that's for sure! We got done in 2 and a half hours so that was nice. I was going to give my horse Surri a bath before the lady came. We're in the process of selling her. She's not a bad horse most of the time but she definitely has her anytime she is with any other horses! It made for some "interesting" group trail rides that's for sure. She didn't sell however, apparently she was "too big," which is true, she is a gigantic horse, but probably one of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen. She never did get her bath today though! I was dead to the world by the time we got back from the other farm that I lounged around until half after 3pm. Then my sister and her two kids stopped by so that was a real nice surprise.

It's supposed to be a real hot week this week, and humid too. Thank GOD for my new AC unit! The first summer I won't have to roast to death up here, yay. It's a shame we sold our pool, I wish we could have kept it and just moved it into the sun at least that way it wouldn't be ice cold, because it sucks jumping in a cold pool in the scalding hot weather! At least now I can just run up to my aunt's house for a dip and not have to worry about any pool upkeep, hehehe. I'm hoping we get Freckles back soon, but if it were up to me, I would keep Surri and STILL get Freckles too! The other horse and the pony are in their own little pen which is now extended and I was so shocked by how fast they mowed down that tall grass. They are real beautiful too. I could just sit and watch horses all day long, they're such beautiful creatures.
Well, I'm starting to get tired again so I am off to bed.
~Good bye and Godspeed

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Summary of Memorial Day Weekend

Wow, I was so busy this past weekend and got a lot done that I wanted to get done and that makes me real happy! My cousin and I took a drive to the park in the town over and took some pictures of the big pond they have. After we got back she ended up spending the night and was such a big help with the yard work. We have a gigantic front yard and the grass was in dire need of a trim! So she helped me cut the front left half, which between the two of us and 2 push mowers, it took about, 5 hours or so. I brought her home Sunday, then Sunday afternoon I finished the right half of the front yard which took all day! But it is finally done and looking gorgeous. It will look even better when I'm finished decorating it, and I can't wait to see how it all looks in the end!

Today I was so sore I didn't hardly get anything done, and there was so much I wanted to do seeing as today was the last nice day we'll have for the next two days. We got our new horse yesterday. Traded Surri, our "jolly giant" for him, and he is pretty much just as big! Beautiful horse too, hopefully after a little work he'll calm down seeing as he hasn't been ridden this spring yet (well, not counting today). It's been about a year since I've ridden, so I best start stretching now because it's going to be a rough ride (for me)! Ever since that damn riding accident my hip and pelvis hasn't been "just right," so hopefully my dad's friend won't take me on the crazy trails right away! Anyways, here's a picture of him. He's a 10 year old gelding, American Quarter Horse, Appaloosa cross, I think. His colors are very unique, which adds to his beauty!

Hard to believe this day flew by so fast, augh. The puppy must have gotten quite a bit of exercise this weekend, seeing as he let me sleep every night for the past two nights! He's zonked out on my bed right now, poor fellah. He's too cute when he's asleep! When he's awake though...look out, because he's full of piss-n-vinegar. (Yes mom, you may steal this picture if you would like :P) hehe. Tucker (the puppy) was such a big help when I was doing yard work. He left some tennis balls in the grass so I could run them over with the lawn mower and use them as projectiles at the house and vehicles! I must work on my aim, however...

Ok so here's a funny story...My cousin and I were cutting the grass, and we were over by the apple trees and heard this humming like the sound of high-voltage electricity...turns out it was a bunch of honey bees pollinating the apple blossoms! It was the strangest sound because the bees are kind of small that you really have to know what you're looking for to actually see them! It was kind of neat, but I'm glad we didn't piss them off and get stung! *phew*

That pretty much covers my Memorial Day weekend, which once again, I got a lot done and I'm very happy! It was one of the better weekend's I've had in a while. I've been so insanely active and busy this past WEEK that I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow and Wednesday while it pours and storms! Guess I'll have to finish the house work that I started on a few days ago and never got around to finishing, since it was so gorgeous outside!

Anywho, here are a couple other random pictures I took while outside yesterday. Enjoy!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Words Not Needed

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh Sweet Relief, You Have Come At Last...

Well, I just have one final exam left...Developmental psychology, which is this Wednesday. I am so relieved that I passed Human Body in Health and Disease with an A, and I was the student in the class with the highest grade...WOW what an honor! And I passed General Anatomy and Physiology with a B, which was what I was aiming for. I'm still waiting on my Written Comm score but I'm almost 100% it is also an A, and psych I know I will get an A in. WOO HOO! I can't explain in words how nerve-wracking this past month has been, but now, knowing how well I did, it is such a relief, and I am very proud.
This week I tell seems like some supernatural force knows that I am just about to wrap up the semester, because all shit hits the fan! Just one example was the call I got Thursday morning from an old nurse friend I used to work with. She and her husband were in need of assistance seeing as the storm Wednesday night had knocked down their shed, so I graciously decided to go over there and help clean up the debris Thursday morning before class. There I am, tossing wood into the fire and about 3 feet away...her husband decides "hey, why bother going to the recycle center when I can just toss these glass bottles containing PAINT THINNER...into the fire?" Of course he's pretty old and senile, so he throws them a mere 3 feet away...with no clue, because he gave me no warning! The next thing I know I hear this big KABOOM and suddenly my head feels like it's been split by a cord of firewood...I open my eyes and had a fantastic view of the sky. Well of course I could only see out of one of my eyes after that little episode! So I knew at that moment it was going to be one hell of a day...then I was late for class, and I was half way there when I realized (due to the clusterfucked day I was having) that I had forgotten my papers that I had to hand in! So I turned around, got home, grabbed my paper, and hauled ass to school. But in the end, everything turned out alright! I did well on my final exams, did well in my classes, and since all that stress had dissipated, I was finally able to get a good night's sleep! Of course without the constant supply of adrenaline and cortisol coursing through my veins, I feel like I don't have the energy to do *ANYTHING* now!
The weather was pretty decent today, bit chilly and windy, but the sun was out and that's really the most important thing! I've been trying to organize the pictures and videos I've took over the years...but I gave up. It's pretty hopeless to go through 10,000 photos and 500 home movies. I think maybe I'll just dump them all into one folder on the computer and delete any duplicates then arrange by type...That seems like the easiest option! And it seems like the gelatinous sludge seeping out of my ears (the junk encased in my cranium I like to refer to as my neural network) seems to be once again solidifying. So for all of you who were concerned, fear not my young pathogens...I mean patawons, for my brain is re-entacting!
Wow the creativity is rolling off my tongue now...I seem to be making up new words, yay! But laughter is a good sign, it means I am returning to normal. Watch out world, here comes Heidi! Woo hoo, I just checked the forecast and it is looking really promising! YAY! Although it might not be as warm as one could hope for, the sun will be shining through and that always seems to give me such positivity.
Well, I'm off to bed to recover from one of the most stressful weeks I've ever had (one of the many, just to be clear).