Monday, June 22, 2009

1:00 AM on the dot!

Wow, what an incredibly busy day yesterday was! Helped my dad at his friend's farm feeding calves. Had to be up at 6am, luckily I didn't bother going to sleep so I didn't have to get up! By 7am it was already cooking out, and the humidity was for the bugs that's for sure! We got done in 2 and a half hours so that was nice. I was going to give my horse Surri a bath before the lady came. We're in the process of selling her. She's not a bad horse most of the time but she definitely has her anytime she is with any other horses! It made for some "interesting" group trail rides that's for sure. She didn't sell however, apparently she was "too big," which is true, she is a gigantic horse, but probably one of the most beautiful horses I've ever seen. She never did get her bath today though! I was dead to the world by the time we got back from the other farm that I lounged around until half after 3pm. Then my sister and her two kids stopped by so that was a real nice surprise.

It's supposed to be a real hot week this week, and humid too. Thank GOD for my new AC unit! The first summer I won't have to roast to death up here, yay. It's a shame we sold our pool, I wish we could have kept it and just moved it into the sun at least that way it wouldn't be ice cold, because it sucks jumping in a cold pool in the scalding hot weather! At least now I can just run up to my aunt's house for a dip and not have to worry about any pool upkeep, hehehe. I'm hoping we get Freckles back soon, but if it were up to me, I would keep Surri and STILL get Freckles too! The other horse and the pony are in their own little pen which is now extended and I was so shocked by how fast they mowed down that tall grass. They are real beautiful too. I could just sit and watch horses all day long, they're such beautiful creatures.
Well, I'm starting to get tired again so I am off to bed.
~Good bye and Godspeed


Bob G. said...

Beautiful animals!

You have a wonderful opportunity not all of us enjoy.

And that alone is a blessing.


Diane said...

so no doggy pool videos this year? I know you're happy about the AC! I'd go crazy without ours down here.