Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The First of July-ALREADY?!?!?!

July 1st already, wow, where did the summer go? The weather has been so messed up lately. It's kind of sad, I didn't get to do very much exciting things this summer, although last week was pretty exciting...specifically Wednesday. Was getting ready to leave to see the new Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen... and I wanted to cut a few saddle ties real quick, so I grabbed the scissors... silly finger decided to get in the way! Ended up getting 4 stitches, but thank God I made it to the movie on time! So that was awesome seeing that movie. I am a huge geek when it comes to Transformers... and Star Trek...and and...the list could go on! The last couple days it has been raining out so I haven't done much. Took some great pictures and videos of the animals though. And the sunsets lately have been absolutely gorgeous.

This here is a picture of our other dog, Stanley (who I call Tanner).

And here is my horse Surri.

Here is a picture of the sunset the other day...and a picture of a barn at a friend's farm. Photography is a great past-time, especially if you have an "eye" for it.

I was going through my college costs today...kind of lucked out, this semester (tuition AND books) is only going to cost roughly $2,200. WOO HOO! All I have to do is prepare myself mentally for another semester of Nursing Nazi's Hell for health science students... Yikes. I love nursing, but I sure could do without the instructors' narcissism. It's pretty scary to think some of them teachers are actually nurses...I mean, it's terrifying! Just goes to show you, attitude apparently doesn't account for much in an employee! So it's a bit nerve-wracking, especially when I found out who my instructors were. The two instructors I hate the most, I have for all my nursing core classes...I keep wondering how I drew the short straw? Well, almost 5am, time to head out and be unproductive for the rest of the morning!


Bob G. said...

Sorry to hear about your finger (ouch)...
But, as a nursing student, you probably couldn't be in BETTER hands, right?

Glad to hear you like TREK (and the original comics from a while back...way beofre he movie)

ANd those pictures and videos are're pretty darn lucky!

Never worry about doing exciting things...plenty of life and time for that...
What's important now is HOW WELL you spend the time you currently have.

(older people such as me think like this...LOL).

Thanks for the look-see at the animals.


Galaxy Echo said...

Thanks Bob, glad you enjoyed them. I'm very proud of myself, my animals, and my family. It's really all my world revolves around, and after the past few years, it's really all I care about in this world.

I agree, I am very blessed at where I am. I lived in "civilization" (the city) for a year and that was enough for a country girl like me! The "stix" are where I belong, and where I'm comfortable. And you know what they say, there's no place like home!!!! :) Thanks for stopping by.

indy said...

perhaps its good that you are seeing the rough side of nursing before you get into it more. now you will understand 20 years from now why you didnt want to slip into their attitudes. i've been working my job for 14 years. honestly i have to remember that first paycheck and how i cleared over 1,000 on it. it was such a thrill for me and it improved my life beyond my desires. now that i have been doing this thing for over 14 years now. i have to sit back now and then and remember that first check. and how i begged God for a job that makes over 30,000 a year. remember the blessing now. and remember why you are going into nursing and it will help you 20 years from now. if we tell God we are here to help in whatever job we have then that is what we are there for to help.