Friday, May 8, 2009

Fighting Fatigue and Facing Finals

Well, I have final exams this coming week and the week after. YUCK! My brain is already fried from all the "useless"(mostly uninteresting) information packed into my roughly 5# gelatinous contents contained within the cranium; composed of a mixture of gray and white matter; fatigued by 18 weeks of hypnotic, monotonous lectures and the smell of Formaldehyde, whose molecules direct themselves into my nose and torture me with the constant scent of dead people. YUM! Nothing like having to sit through three hours of truly uninteresting lecture only to be overwhelmed by the lingering smell of death as the instructor continues another two hours lecturing in a lab setting with uncomfortable chairs and very big windows, so that the sun can shine in and bake the cadavers. I'm glad that class is only once a week because I could have swore I read an article from the CDC (who are *never* wrong...) about the effects of inhaling Formaldehyde. Anatomy and Physiology is such a difficult class...extremely detailed and very meticulous. I have a short attention span when it comes to just sitting there watching a teacher recite from a power point. It's like, "uh, hello dude...I can read the same power point you are reading from...why not just let us leave already, ffs!" But anyways, I decided to start sleeping with my text books under my hopes that osmosis will occur and my brain will absorb the information like a sponge. Well, I can hope, right?


Diane said...

so you're saying you have jello for brains? *runs off laffing*

Easily Lost said...
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Easily Lost said...

Has total faith in your abilities to pass these classes, cause if you don't, I have a really big broom with your name on it :D

nice descriptive words child of mine, I can almost see inside your head to that jello.......what flavor is it by the way?