Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

Well it's still busy 'round here, the horses alone are enough to keep me occupied! We built the new round pen yesterday, it looks awesome. Then a friend of the family who I swear is the horse whisperer, worked with Surri, Sassy, and Dollar. His 2 youngest kids rode Sassy (she's the pony). It was a pretty warm day yesterday, so that didn't make digging post holes any fun, not that it is fun to begin with! We decided to move around the horses again, trying to find a balance so they wouldn't all kill each other. I had to laugh, because a friend of mine assumed that all domesticated animals get along with each other... Talk about a real air head. She's a big animal lover, but very ignorant. I love animals too, a lot, but at least I never forget what they are-animals! Nature has it so animals who survive in social groups establish a pecking order-dominance and submission. I get so annoyed when people who don't know much about animals (especially horses) think it's terrible when they hear that the horses got into a skirmish. Then they ask why you didn't step in to break up the fight!!!! Yea, would you run in front of a 1000 pound vehicle with a mind of its own? Uh, no, not likely! Bah, anyways, the three mares are together now, and the gelding is in a pen on his own for a short while until they all calm down and can be united into one pasture. Anywho, here are a couple pictures from yesterday.

The Mares (from left to right) Blue, Surri, Sassy

The Gelding, named Dollar

Today was pretty boring, it sprinkled out earlier around dinner time for a few minutes, but it just got done raining pretty good now, thank God because we needed it desperately. The fields are dry and everything's turning to dust! I didn't do too much today either, some cleaning, ran to the storage shed to get more of my junk, then my dad grilled out and had a few of his buddies over. It was nice, grilling out, sitting at the picnic table with a great view of the horses. A picture perfect moment.

The puppy is getting antsy, up down, up down, good thing I can't sleep as it is! There's so much to do and only a month left of summer vacation before college starts back up. Then it's back to the Nursing Nazi's Boot Camp for Health Science Students, as we call it. Nursing is a great profession, all you have to do is survive college. After I finish this coming semester, I can take the LPN boards. Woo Hoo! Then after that, just one year left and I'll have my RN. I can't tell you how I anticipate that day when I go from Student Nurse, to Registered Nurse! Hopefully there won't be too many more obstacles getting in my way from here on out. My best friend just graduated in May with a bachelors in economics, but seeing as her parents have sheltered her all her life, she never bothered to get a job, until now that is. And, instead of getting a job in the field she just spent 4 years studying, she decided to get a crap job, making 8 bucks an hour putting bottles in boxes. But hey, whatever works for her, I'm sure with parents like hers, she won't have to work very hard until the day they die. I wonder if people were just not meant to be understood...Well, it's nearly 5am and I got a lot to do today, so I best lay down and get a few hours shut-eye.
~Good bye and Godspeed

P.S. This morning's sunrise:


Bob G. said...

Got some beautiful horses right there...!
Sassy has some fantastic markings.

Nursing Nazis Boot Camp...LMAO!
(nice one)

And a girl that can dig POST HOLES!
Wow...move over Sarah Palin!

Bet'cha can SHOOT too, hmm?

Hang in there and get some shuteye...(sounds like you can use it).


Galaxy Echo said...

Bob, you're darn right I can shoot! :D I was like 10 when I first learned how, and I go deer hunting every year, but not so many deer up in our area anymore (except when I'm driving and then they try to ambush my car)... so usually I go out to my stand and watch the snow fall and accumulate lol. Thanks for stopping by!

Easily Lost said...

Excellent shots of the horses. I love the one of Dollar a lot.