Friday, July 24, 2009

County Fair

Well, here we are again. The weekend is here at last. Tonight was awesome! Me, my dad, and his friend Bob went to the county fair that's in town this week. It beats going to Polka Days and listening to horrible music and walking between staggering drunks. I love the fair, despite the excessive pricing of things. The animals and flashing lights are satisfying enough. It was really great, we all had a wonderful time. And something sort of funny happened. You know how carnie's try to get you to play their games? Well, this one man was standing at his tent and it was the game where you throw baseballs and try to break glass bottles by knocking them off shelves. Well... the man was throwing balls and missing the bottles... then we walked past and he said "how about you try your luck?" and without thinking, I blurted out "you can't even hit them bottles, but you expect us to?" and my dad and Bob burst out laughing. I wasn't even trying to be comical, it just popped in my head and out of my mouth! So that was an interesting little event. Then we got home about twenty minutes ago, and we weren't home more than five minutes when it began storming and pouring! You know those silly weathermen, they can't predict rain even if it's pissing down on them. They had t-storms in the forecast the past FOUR DAYS and we didn't get ANY! Until now that is... they didn't even say it was supposed to storm tonight, they said it was supposed to about six hours ago. But what can I say, weathermen are humans too (I think)! I'm glad it's finally raining real rain, you know, more than a hock of spit. The corn is so stressed right now, reaching its little leaves as far in the air as it can.

8 days until my birthday, woo hoo! I don't even know why I still look forward to my birthday, because I'm turning 22. I guess after 21 it's not really exciting anymore. I can smoke, drink, have sex, get married, sign contracts, that's about all most people care about. But I suppose it's still great to celebrate the day the world was blessed with my presence! This summer flew by so fast, I'm really disappointed. There was a lot I wanted to do, but just couldn't. And this is my last summer off until retirement. *sigh* Plus college will be starting soon, and I'm really not looking forward to THAT. I am however, looking forward to graduation. Only 1.5 more years to go! WOO HOO! After I finish this coming semester I can take the LPN boards, and once I'm an LPN I can really be proud, because that in itself is quite an accomplishment. And a year after that, I will go from student nurse to registered nurse. YIPPIE!!! Well, as Porky Pig would say, th-th-th-tha-thaa-that's all folks!


Easily Lost said...

Snarky lil brat. I wonder where you get that from :D
Those pics turned out realllllly great too!!

Bob G. said...

So you're a LEO too...that explains a lot...LMAO!

As a city boy, I have come to really LIKE these "country fairs" .
I went to a few out of town (in the Midwest), and had a good time (and yes, staggering drunks can be found ANYwhere...not only at "polka days"

And to think they want to allow SUNDAY purchasing of liquor in the OTHER SIX DAYS are good ENOUGH for you drunks?

As to weathermen (and women)...c'mon now...what OTHER job could you work at, and GET PAID to be WRONG...AT LEAST HALF of the time (certainly NOT nursing), eh?

I'm just sayin'....


Diane said...

Hey don't you be dissin de polka music! We hear Tejano down here, which is mexican polka.. because of the German influence. I'm looking forward to the Wurstfest again this year (beer and brats on a stick) and lots of polka bands LIVE in 2 tents! ok ok so this is the stuff I grew up with, German heritage. I love going to the county fair too, and we have a Rice Festival down here too in November, the Lions Club runs that, so we get something like 2 county fairs each year :D and they have bingo!