Monday, April 13, 2009

Murky Mondays

Well, today was a nice end to my lovely weekend while my "little" cousin was here. She's not little, and she's 14 years old, but to me, she will always be my "little" cousin. We had a lot of fun and she is always such a helping hand, always willing to put others needs before herself. I admit she is at that age where she thinks she knows all and is all, typical adolescent egocentrism, which I am intimately familiar with, seeing as I went through the same thing at her age! But nonetheless, I always enjoy spending time with her. After I brought her home, her, her sister and brother helped me pick rocks from the quarry. You know, those big ones you sometimes see bordering people's flower beds and gardens. I must have got about 400 pounds worth, it was a killer on my car! Well, I drove back to the quarry so we wouldn't have to haul the stones so far, and put the parking brake on so my car wouldn't roll down the hill, like one of those Hollywood scenes that are ever so cliche. After we finished, I left and about five miles out, I noticed my car was acting very strangely; shaking and vibrating. I couldn't figure what was going on, but I just assumed it was because of the extra weight from the rocks. Then as I was going up hill, I noticed...I forgot to take off the parking brake! Anyone who knows me most likely would not be surprised by this, and label it off as another "Heidi-moment."

Class was dull today. On Mondays and Tuesdays I have written communication, with a teacher who is 40 but strives so effortlessly to act 20. It provides for good entertainment anyways. During the entire class we discussed only logical fallacies. Wow, so interesting eh?! Logical fallacies are everywhere, but most noticeably in politics. It's always good to know that every single person in this world has some self-serving motives, because we are all just human: corruptible, greedy, selfish, weak, not to mention extremely flawed. Great to know the people we appoint to be responsible to watch over our well being are no different than us, except they have more power. Yet we still vote for them, and we still have appointed officials. Why? Because as humans, being selfish and greedy and irresponsible, need authority. We need law and order. We all know what it is like to be completely lawless. Just look at what is going on off the coats of Somalia... There is an extreme lack of government, forcing their people to hijack ships and survive off ransom received. I don't agree that it is right, but what else can they do? Sit idly by and starve to death? Watch their children starve to death? You can say, "well, they should have made sure they were able to care for their children before having them," but when something that can't always be prevented happens, what can you really do? And there is no government to bail them out like our government is doing on wall street. Hmm, the economy is going to hell, so let's throw money into it and see if that helps. Nope, it didn't help the first time, but let's try again anyways! Those CEO's need their multimillion dollar bonuses. "You all are doing a bang up job, literally, keep up the bad work!"

It's funny how we look at things like health care and automobiles as needs. It's also funny to see what we have became, compared to how we used to be. I have a friend who I was talking to earlier. She also keeps a blog and was describing how unfair it is that rich people pay more taxes than poor people. I can, to a point, understand her logic in this area; however, I come from a family that does not make "a lot." For me, a family that makes over 100K dollars a year...WOW! To me, that's a whole hell of a lot of money. Yet she complains that it isn't enough. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop her from eating shrimp and lobster three times a week, or dropping 200$ a month at the salon getting her nails done, or spending 100$ on a spring dress that she could easily herself make. She doesn't know the meaning of sacrifice, or needs. She just knows wants.

I can't wait until the weather starts getting nicer. Here in Wisconsin, it's not uncommon to have all four seasons in one day! Today wasn't too bad, a bit chilly, windy and cloudy. My cousin helped me brush the pony, who I call "Sassy Ass." She's a really sweet pony though, a Shetland pony/Pinto horse cross. Very beautiful colors and markings. The best part about living on a farm is you are never alone. Animals are amazing creatures, most with the ability to sense emotions. I know whenever I'm in a bad mood I have many shoulders to cry on! More shoulders than I can count. Two horses, a pony, two dogs, a herd of beef cows, and about a dozen cats. It's quite a variety, and I would never give up the farm life. Although it can be a pain, and the smell during the summer is definitely life can be so majestic, but it takes an animal lover to put up with the constant fence-mending and shit-shoveling. Nothing can compare however, to the sight of an absolutely beautiful horse galloping through the field, coat shimmering, almost glistening like sun on water. The rhythmic sound of hooves striking the ground with such's truly amazing. I'll leave it off with that thought.
~Good night and Godspeed

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