Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Snow in Spring

It's still cold...and it's still wet...but at least class was canceled...again! Woo Hoo! The weather is taking a break from snowing, and has switched to rain at the moment. I woke up at 7 AM this morning and there was a thin blanket of snow covering the landscape, which quickly turned to slush and now puddles of water. I just got done grooming the dog's nails. Stanley gets such bad anxiety when anyone messes with his feet so I try to do a little every day to get him used to the new pedipaws, but he still does not accept it well. Tucker (the puppy) on the other hand really enjoys the attention. It was another restless night last night, not much a surprise for anyone who knows me. I am, always have been, and always will be a night owl. But seeing as class was canceled, I most likely will go back to bed soon. Both the dogs are asleep on my floor and the snoring between the two of them is enough to vibrate objects right off of my desk! I don't have much to do today thank god, so I think the rest of the day will be pretty boring. I think I'll do some studying and finish cleaning my room and the rest of my laundry. Wow, 11:38 AM already, I kind of spaced out there for a while, I was messing around in Paint Shop Pro working on the image posted concurrent with this blog post. Graphic/Image editing is one of my specialties. The best part is, everything I can do on a computer with photo editing and all that jazz is self-taught! Pretty amazing huh? Well, I'm going to head out and take a nap.
~Good bye and Godspeed


Easily Lost said...

s n o w is a dirty 4 letter word

Diane said...

SNOW is such a lovely word! it is so fluffy and white and pretty falling down out of the sky! and YES, you do have to post that silly thing on here! :P